Suburban/2 by MechoShade

Suburban/2 by MechoShade

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The Suburban/2 was developed in response to the need for a well-designed, high quality, moderately priced roller shade for commercial or residential shades. The Suburban/2's clean lines, care-free maintenance and high quality components are backed by a Ten-Year Limited Warranty that makes it a great value for a limited budgets and/or a tight space requiring a small profile.
Operating Systems

Bead Chain Clutch Operating System
— Clutches and/or spring assist available, depending on the size of shade and the fabric selected.  Can be mounted either on right (standard) or left. Shades stop when chain is released
Motorized — Compact, tubular gearmotors located within each roller for smooth, reliable operation.

  • Energy-conserving Shadecloths. Suburban/2 offers the most extensive line of sunscreens and blackout shadecloths in the industry. ThermoVeil® and EuroVeil® Shadecloths provide visually transparent shading with excellent glare control, energy savings, and reduction in solar gain. Densities range from 0–15% openness factor, translucent to highly transparent. See the Shadecloth section for details
  • The Suburban/2 is a manual shade comprised of an over-running clutch-braking system that requires no adjustment, and is operated by a nickel-plated steel chain
  • Universal end caps allow for wall, ceiling, or jamb mounting and are made of high-impact ABS for a high quality finish
  • When fully exposed Suburban/2 has a clean finished look with the convenience and flexibility of individual components
  • The Suburban/2 drive and idle mechanisms utilize high quality molded operating components of Delrin and Delrin with Teflon
  • SnapLoc® Mini Spline allows for easy removal of the shadecloth without removing the roller tube from the brackets
  • SnapLoc extruded aluminum Roller Tubes are available in 1-1/4" (32mm) diameter or 1-3/8" (35mm) diameter sizes. SnapLoc roller tubes include a mounting channel for the SnapLoc Mini Spline
  • #10 nickel-plated steel bead chain with qualified spacing assuring smooth and precise operation at 45 lbs. (20 kg) minimum breaking strength
  • Chain stop beads control the upper and lower limits of the shade
  • Child-Safe Chain Retainer with SnapLoc base (optional) required for residential applications
  • Drive-end plugs with steel shaft pins
  • Idle-end plugs with steel shaft pins
  • Square continuous SnapLoc Fascia conceals the hardware for a clean built-in look (optional)
  • Bracket design allows for a continuous fascia to be extended wall-to-wall and/or over several shades.
  • Flat aluminum hem bar is concealed within the shade band or available as an optional exposed light seal hem bar.

Specialty Options"

  • Aluminum fascia options
  • Aluminum side channels
  • Dual shades
  • Spring assist available
  • Bottom up shades
  • Coupled shades
  • GreenGuard certified fabrics
  • Cradle to Cradle certified fabrics
Specialty Applications
  • Sloped shades