Contract 2220 by Caco

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When considering a vertical track for those budget-influenced projects, Contract 2220 just might be the answer to help keep the budget manageable. Even though Contract 2220 is economical, quality and dependability are not sacrificed. Every component that goes into Contract 2220 says heavy duty from the standard wheeled carrier with replaceable stems to the recessed planetary-geared controls that provide smooth operation. Options aren’t a problem; you can add the new “all in one control” at no additional charge. Contract 2220’s extruded aluminum channel is available with a white painted finish eliminating the need for valances when the head channel is in view. Installation is a snap with the steel spring- loaded brackets. To keep things safe, Contract 2220 is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

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    Fabric, Vinyl or Sunscreen

    Vane Size:

    2" or 3 1/2"

    Operating System:

    Manual - Wand or Cord Control

    Max Width:


    Max Height:



    1 15/16" x 1 15/16"


    185 possibilities

    Privacy & Light Control:

    Specialty Applications:


    Uniform Exterior Appearance:




    Safety Features:

    Wand tilt
    Cord tension device

    Sustainability Features:


    Solar Heat Control:

    Daylighting Properties:


    UV Protection:

    Sound Absorption:

    Ease of Cleaning:

    High Humidity Applications:





    • 1-15/16 x 1-15/16" extruded aluminum headrail
    • Wand, Chain, or All In One operating systems
    • Wheeled equal spacing carriers with removable stems
    • Recessed operating controls
    • #10 nickel-plated steel rotation chain
    • Limited LIfetime Headrail Warranty
    • Competitive pricing

    All products manufactured by Caco, Inc. are made in the U.S.A. Caco, Inc. promotes recycling and the use of recycled materials in all areas of our manufacturing process. This includes:

    • recycled steel and aluminum in all products
    • recycled vendor packaging in all facilities
    • Made in the U.S.A.

    Specialty Options:

    • PVC Louvers:
      • PVC louvers are available in 2” and 3 ½” widths and comply with NFPA 701 large-scale test.
      • Caco extrudes a wide range of PVC louvers using 100% PVC compound designed specifically for use in window treatments
      • PVC louvers are available in a wide variety of solid, duples, embossed and printed color patterns
      • Crowned perforated louvers available
      • Number 3 nickel-plated steel bead bottom chain in an option on 3 ½” louvers and is attached by installing the chain into center keyhole cutout. Bottom chain is not an option with 2” PVC or Channel Panel PVC.

    • Fabric Louvers
      • Fabric louvers are 3 ½” wide and are FR. Compliant with NFPA 701 Small Scale Test and California Fire Masrhall Title 19:1237.1 Small Scale Test.
      • All fabric louvers feature a sewn in bottom weight and come standard without bottom chain.
      • Optional bottom chain shall be a single sided #3 nickel
    • Chanel Panel
      • To increase privacy and room darkening, fabric louvers can be inserted into Channel Panels
      • The crystal clear edge channels are nearly invisible, yet hold fabrics securely and will not yellow over time
      • Opaque vinyl louvers provide additional privacy and are available on 3 1/2" louvers only

    Specialty Applications:

    • Curved
    • Angled tops and bottoms
    • Bay windows
    • Corner windows

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